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Founder, MacroFrame

Who is MacroFrame?

It all started with our founder Jackie, a young entrepreneur, exploring ways to solve the problems she faced in her career path to becoming a photographer. Her vision for MacroFrame was to be a resource for those venturing to create a business, build on an idea, put some work into a passion project, or just simply take great pictures.

Jackie started looking for quality photography gear at an affordable price; easy portable equipment to help kick start your idea or creative project. So, MacroFrame started with one product, our portable Lightbox, and we have since expanded our product offerings to include tripods, dollys, display stands, and more.

We pride ourselves on our attentiveness to customers and our willingness to help. Have a photography question? Need to know how to edit lightbox pictures? Need to know how to adjust camera settings? Maybe you just need a shoulder to cry on? Head over to our contact form, shoot us an email, and we’ll help you along your way.

MacroFrame is more than just a photography brand. We’re a community!

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As avid photographers we have tested our fair share of products over the years. From tools like lightboxes for product photography to oddities like lensballs and prisms, all with the intention of upping our photography game.

There came a time when we realized that the mid-range photography price point was crowded with, how do we put this nicely... well, junk. Yeah, we said it. 

But, there's a silver lining, there's always a silver lining folks. From that point on it was our goal to create a store that weeded through all of the junk and found the gems (or the k9 crystal *shameless plug for our super ultra crystal clear lensballs)

MacroFrame is our way of getting rid of the guess work for you. Every product is something that we firmly stand behind as worth its value and we back it with a money back guarantee. We offer fast & affordable shipping (free in USA) across the globe so you can get to shooting your shot. 

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